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Guide to Buy Best Home Theater Projector

Nowadays a big screen TV is not enough, or we have to say not exciting enough. We are always looking for something new meaning to movie and best home theater projectors are the best option for that. For your great entertainment, you have to find out top-rated home theater projector that can deliver tremendous visual impact without demanding a serious re-modeling of your room.

If you are searching online, then you have an idea that it is not easy to find out the best budget home theater projector that can give you the latest featured technology and you can get great picture quality that you are expecting.

If you look at the feature of the home theater projector that you are going to buy, then you can get that every home theater is unique. So before choosing any home theater projector you have to take care about some points that we are going to discuss here.

Consider the following points that you have to check before buy a good home theater projector.

Types of projector like DLP (Digital Light Processing) or LCD Projector.

Picture quality of the projector.

Compatibility & Connectivity of the projector.

Sounds & Other Features.

Check the aspect ratio available with the projector.

Above are the common feature that you should consider before go with any home theater projector that you are purchase online or at the local store.

Types Of Projector.

As we discuss above points you knows that there are two types of projector one is DLP and another is LCD projector. You can differentiate the types of the projector based on the projector display images technology used with it. Both projectors has their own advantages and benefits that you can choose based on your requirements.

DLP projector advantages:

Normally DLP projector is lightweight and compact.

DLP projector produces a smooth image that are good as 35 to 75 mm film.

With the DLP projector, you can get high contrast video.

Smooth motion for video and fast action scenes with DLP projector

Portrays a film like a picture from DVD, Blue-ray and HDTV source.

DLP Projector is highly accurate with no shadows.

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LCD Projector Advantages:

LCD projector has very high brightness capacity, so the output is well-lit rooms.

You can get good color saturation with LCD projector.

LCD projector gives sharper images for detailed graphs and data presentations.

You can say LDC projector is slightly quieter than DLP projector.

LCD home theater projector is very compact.

Home Theater Projector Resolution

What is the projector resolution? This is the first question in your mind when you are going to buy and projector. And that is right; projector resolution is very basic and important thing that you have to keep in your mind before buy it.

The total number of pixel that the projector is capable of displaying defines the projector’s native resolution. This is common sense that the more pixel you can fit on the display, the crisper and more detailed view of your images you will get. The higher resolution is especially important for home theater projector since the viewer will be sitting closer to the screen.

When we are talking about resolution range, then you can say that 480p on the low end to 720p and 1080p for HD viewing, and up to 4K Ultra HD for impressively sharp movies and shows you will get. You can get variation in home theater projector format based on the aspect ratio of the projector.

Standard (4:3 ratio) This resolution is recommended for classic films or DVD based TV screen.

Widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio) This resolution is recommended for HDTV, widescreen DVD, and Blu-ray formats.

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Home Theater Projector Connection

This is very important before you can splash your slideshow or movie on the big screen. You have to find the way to hook up your images source to the projector. Whether it is the computer, laptop or you TV.

You can see the home theater projector almost always include one or more than one HDMI inputs for your cable or satellite box connection or any other devices. You may also get the extra inputs pots such as VGA, an SD card slot or USB port.

Since your home theater projector will likely be mounted on the ceiling or wall, you will need to find out a way to run cables from your projector to your entertainment system.

Check the types of Keystone Correction

The projector with keystone correction can adjust the image being projected so that it displays flat on the screen. For example if the projector is angled down the screen in front of it, the image would naturally be distorted. The digital device can correct the shape of the images before it ever leaves the projector. If you are using manual device then it requires users to adjust the angle themselves.


If you want to fill completely unique cinema experience, best home theater projector are capable of creating it for you. You can get largest possible picture inside your home and it can produce similar images to replace the normal TV that takes up more room. In this guide has educated shopper on different types of projector system like recommended home theater projector resolution, brightness options of home theater projector, keystone correction system and throw distance, throw ratios and many more.